5 Things To Remember While Sitting for a Phone Psychic Reading

Psychic Reading is neither a task nor a responsibility, it is what you could say an extra benefit – a way of pushing own self towards the positivity. This reading is bliss if it is taken seriously. The reading will help you understand what you could do if you had known everything from the beginning. Lady Persephone is one such psychic reader who conducts her psychic readings via phone and email.


So, here are the few tips she shares with you to get the best of Clairvoyant Reading:

  1. First advice is to just relax: It is natural that you will feel nervous before sitting for the reading no matter whether it is face to face or on phone. So, first of all, calm yourself and get relaxed. One you will feel relaxed, you will be able to focus on what to ask and you will be able to listen carefully whatever, she has to say.


  2. Make notes: When your appointment is scheduled, make sure you have notes of what you want to ask the reader. Without the notes, you will be confused and you may not be able to get the answers you are seeking for. Thus, make sure that you have the questionnaire beforehand.


  3. Eliminate distractions: When you have the appointment schedules, make sure all your distractions are kept aside and that you do not anything breaking your concentration. Check your Internet connectivity and check your phone network and ask the question where it is somewhere quite.


  4. Do not keep unrealistic expectations: Do not means do not keep any kind of unrealistic expectations. The readers are not the god who will be able to answer all your questions and will tell you what you want to hear. They may not be able to tell you everything but trust their honesty.


  5. Do not show up drunk: Showing up drunk will not get you where you want to. It will only lower the vibrations and spread the negativity. And thus, do not take any kind of alcohol or drugs before 24 hours of sitting for the reading.

Thus, here are the few tips to remember before sitting for the psychic reading. A good reading will feel like a conversation with a friend and not a strenuous and forced conversation.


Exclusive Prices for the Psychic Readings by Lady Persephone

Millions of our users already know that the medium of phone and chat is a powerful way to make a meaningful, focused connection with a psychic advisor. The Lady Persephone Readings takes things a step further with the prices. Several upgrades and changes in prices give users more intense connection with their psychics. Whether the users have a simple phone or PC or Mac, they will have the opportunity to chat with a psychic in an entirely new way.

Clairvoyant readings

Product Detail:

Name: Phone Reading


15 minutes: $50

30 minutes: $80

45 minutes: $100

60 minutes: $160

Description: The phone psychic readings will be done by the appointments only. You have a freedom to choose the date and time of the call. If you are the USA resident, Lady Persephone will call you. However, if you stay outside USE, she will give you a Skype call, which you have to receive in at-least one of the three attempts. The money needs to be deposited in her account via PayPal. Once the money is deposited, she will call you. If you have one or two questions, you can go for 15 minutes reading. However, if you have more questions, it is advised to go for.

Name: The HARK

Price: $65

Description: The HARK is an exclusively discounted service for all those who prefer their reading in the early morning session. It is a 30-minute reading session. She takes this session every day of the week and thus, you can book an appointment. The money needs to be deposited in her account via PayPal. Once the money is deposited, she will call you.

Name: Email Reading


Concise Reading: $30

In-Depth Reading: $40

Description: The Email reading will be done without an appointment. However, once you pay the money to Lady Persephone, she will answer all your questions. There are two categories of concise reading and in-depth reading. Email readings are recorded and sent by email as an audio file. Files will be in MP3 format and may be played back by Microsoft Windows, QuickTime or iTunes. The email readings are approximately 10-12 minute recordings and the volume of information delivered in your particular reading depends on the complexity of your issue.

What is Psychic Chat?

The people who are in search of some answers which are beyond their power, they come to psychic. The Psychic gives you the reason behind mishaps or fateful events happening to you. You can ask the questions about love and relationship, future, career, etc. Your psychic will answer you every question without being able to get any kind of information from you.

Why try Lady Persephone?

Lady Persephone has been in this profession for years and she has connected with number of users. The psychic is all about connection. Once you connect with Lady Persephone, you will be able to get answers to all your unanswered questions.

How To Find The Accuracy Of Psychic Readings?

The Psychics are blessed people with the power of answering the questions which a normal human being cannot. They are special people who are born to help normal human beings with the answers that enable them to rise due to fateful events. So, the big question is how to trust the accuracy of psychic readings?

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Here are some tips to help you in identifying whether a person claiming himself/herself as a Clairvoyant is giving you reliable predictions:

  1. The first thing that will help you, judge the ability of psychic is if he/she can answer your questions without asking you any questions about you. The fact that a real clairvoyant need not have to ask any questions to collect details about you. The original people with expertise in psychic spiritual readings will request you not to provide any information about yourself because they will be able to tell you everything about you without any efforts.


  2. They will also be able to tell you about the few important people in your life who are close to you. A professional will come up with the names of deceased, who would like to talk to you. Without fishing for information, they can tell you as much information as possible when they possess the true psychic ability.


  3. If you think that a person who claims to be a true psychic is not able to tell you everything correct, then he/she is pretty much, making guess work. Real professionals can get information from the voices they hear our thoughts, they get in their mind or some of them even see the spirit of the departed person in your family. There will be times when they will be a bit off, but it will be a rare situation. No matter what, they will be close to reality in most of the readings.


  4. One of the traits of psychic is they will be generally calm. You will never see them aggressive as they possess mental strength and peace to receive messages. If you find the person to be nervous, he might be a fraud and he is just trying to fish you.

How to tell if psychic is fake or real?

When you visit your psychic, how will you know if he or she is fake or real? It may happen that what you hear could be too good to be true and you feel that it could be unreal or could give you false hope. This is a dirty world and people are selfish enough to sell you false hopes for few bucks. However, it is your duty to understand what is true for you and what could be a false hope.

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Here are the tips to find out whether your psychic is real or not…

  1. A true psychic reader will take time to connect with you. They have to feel the energy to connect with you which will not happen instantaneously. Fake psychics will have answer immediately while true psychics won’t.

  2. A real psychic will not ask you tons of questions; instead, he/she will answer your questions without asking you much. He will be able to connect with you and answer the basic questions in first instant.

  3. When your psychic is focused on informing you about your future, then she/he will focus only on that activity because doing something else with best psychic online reading could break their concentration. They are not even good fake psychics.

  4. If your psychic is telling you everything good about yourself, chances are that you have fallen into their trap. People could easily sell false hope and emotional fools buy them. Do not be emotional fool and gain strength to hear the bad situations and the dangers of future.

Few Benefits Of Phone And Online Psychic Reading

A psychic is born with special powers and purpose to help the people. Long before internet and cell phones, people use to walk miles to learn about their future. But now, the face to face meetings have been replaced by the medium of emails and net-calls. With the help of that, people can contact any psychic sitting anywhere in the world at any time of the day. Thus, it has become more efficient and cost-effective way. Contact best psychics in Seattle for the true and honest answers.

Love and Relationship Readings

Here are the few benefits of psychic readings:

  1. It is easier to talk about forbidden subjects: When the clients are face to face of a psychic, they are bound to be uncomfortable asking forbidden subjects. They may have trouble discussing out their private issues for which they think they will be judged. Talking to your Love and Relationship Readings by phone could be beneficial for the ones who are shy. It’s easier for the client to detach from the issue and focus on getting what they really need because they never have to see the psychic’s face.


  2. It helps to know their reality: It is easy, even for a layman to have an idea about the personality type of a person from his attire or body language. This kind of practice is known a cold-reading. This is known as a psychic – scam. However, if a client is nowhere near the psychic, then reader cannot fool the client by any means.


  3. Better Quality Reading: Like clients, sometimes readers tend to be nervous. They are able to connect to client immediately if a client and reader himself both are comfortable. And when the psychic connection is stronger and clearer, the end results of the reading will be as well.


  4. Immediate answers: If a client has to ask question in the middle of the night, then he can easily contact his reader. This is an excellent alternative when clients cannot reach out to a close personal friend for advice, but need to speak with someone before they can attempt to go back to sleep. Because of technology, Online psychics are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The genuine psychic will provide both good and bad. They will not even sugarcoat the answers. They focus on providing all the information because accuracy. So learn the difference between fake and true.

9 reasons for you to get love and relationship reading…

A psychic reading on Love and Relationship Readings is the key to getting any information related to your off-track love life. Even if people, who do not believe in psychic are eager to know what their love life holds for them. Whether you are in a new relationship, finding your relationship with their long-term partner going a bit stale, or looking for the love of their life…there’s a reason Lady Persephone is said to be best psychic online in Atlanta, Seattle and Los Angeles.

We will give you 9 reasons why should you come to her if you’re doubtful whether a psychic reading is for you or not:

1. If you love your partner a lot and you both are keen on not giving up on each other but some or the other thing is bothering your relationship, come to psychics.

2. If you feel like, one of you or both of you have become addicted to drinking or drugs and that is becoming a hindrance in your relationship, you could always contact Psychic.

3. The history of psychics exists to tell you that when we talk about a relationship, you are bound to have small conflicts. However, we come in picture when you are unable to resolve that conflict. Like one partner I eager to get married and other isn’t ready for the marriage.

4. It may happen that your relationship is taken over by your career and your partner might have fear of losing you. This leads to misunderstandings and break – ups.

5. Sometimes, family members also couldn’t help because either there is a generation gap or they do not know the core of the matter. Also, if your partner has charmed them, they are bound to take his/her side.

6. If you have been quite a handful of failed relationships and you are single, would you not like to know whether you will meet you’re the one soon or has he/she crossed your paths and you were too busy noticing them?

7. It may be possible that your partner right now may not be compatible and fulfil certain basic expectations that need to be fulfilled in a relationship. So, psychics exist to let you know whether the one you’re currently with, is correct for you or not?

8. You have recently met something new but something about them just doesn’t seem right. Although you’d love to trust your intuition, your heart is telling you they seem like a great person. Perhaps your psychic can help with your concerns.

9. Love is all about trust but if you have the slightest doubt about your partner cheating on you, you can get some kind of reassurance that your partner is loyal and true to you.

It is true that future is unpredictable but if you want a hazy picture, come to Lady Persephone.



Why should you ask psychics about your future?

Psychic is very popular these days. People are eager to know about what life has stored for them. There are lots of people who have trust and faith in psychics regarding their future, including Hollywood celebrities and artists.

The psychics like Lady Persephone have actually helped a lot of people with the different aspects of life including love, relationships, business, and career. She specializes in clairvoyant reading, love and relationship readings, career reading etc. She is considered to be the best online psychic in Seattle, Atlanta and Los Angeles.

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Here are the reasons why should you ask psychic about your future:

1. It gives hint about future. If you know about your future beforehand, you could mend it in a positive way, f not change it. The psychics help us know why certain things have been happening in past as they have the connection with our future.

2. You could channelize your mind in a positive direction if you have an idea about what will happen in future. This can be a way for people to release the negative energies that are present within and pursue happiness and contentment.

3. The psychic reading will not only provide you with the information about future of yourself but also your loved ones. Your future will be related to future of your loved ones and they could be benefitted with your psychic reading.

4. To all the singles and people in relationship, psychics could help with the future romance. You could get an idea about who you will meet, have your future with, will not have your future with, marriage, kids, family, etc. This could benefit you and your partner.

5. It is helpful for career and bad dreams. You could be aware of which country you will make your career in which field and your designation. You could also know about the strange dreams you have or dreams that could mean something to your or even your loved ones.

Never ignore the signs and immediately contact a online psychic because to know what life has stored in for you, you yourself only have to make efforts.

Which 5 questions should I ask to my Psychic to get the expected result?

A psychic is a person who uses his extra senses to identify and expose the information that is hidden from normal senses. It is a kind of gift that not everyone has. Psychic does not mean supernatural powers but instead, a technique to take out information that not everyone can possess.

Best psychics in Los Angeles

If you want to contact psychic, one of the best psychic online in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Seattle is Lady Persephone who does phone and email readings. She has been providing Phone psychic readings, Clairvoyant readings, Love and Relationship Readings, etc for many years. Following are the questions you can ask her to get the expected results:

1. How will my love life be? 
When she answers in brief, you could ask the further questions like when will I meet my partner and where? How will my married life be? You could also provide her with your planning and she will let you know, if it is correct or not?

2. Will I be able to make my career in this country?
When you ask her about your career let her know about your planning of staying in the native country or shifting elsewhere. Ask her about business or service, etc.

3. In case if you have any health problem or will have any problem, will you get the cure?
There may not be the cure for some health issues like cancer or aids, etc. If there is some danger like this, you could be prepared in advance.

4. How will a health issue affect your family and career? 
If in case you do have any major health issue, how will your family survive? How will your children take it? Is it necessary to tell them or not?

5. How will my old age be?
Once you finish with above questions, you could ask, will I be able to make my own house? What will my children study? When will they settle down? Will my wife or husband be with me my whole life or will I be alone?

These above mentioned are some of the questions, you could ask a psychic. Apart from these, you could ask other personal questions based on your life situations because people are generally interested in knowing these only and you would be too…right?

Best psychics in Los Angeles


Lady Persephone psychics give you quick Love and Relationship Readings through phone, email, or chat. Choose any of the option and we are available for you.

Best psychics in Seattle


Clairvoyant (clear vision) — To reach into another vibrational frequency and visually perceive “within the mind’s eye” something existing in that realm. A clairvoyant  is one who receives extrasensory impressions, and symbols in the form of “inner sight” or mental images which are perceived without the aid of the physical eyes and beyond the limitations of ordinary time and space. These impressions are more easily perceived in an alpha state and during meditation, though many clairvoyants can obtain visual information regarding the past, present and future in a variety of environments.


Clairaudience (clear audio /hearing) — To perceive sounds or words and extrasensory noise, from sources broadcast from spiritual or ethereal realm, in the form of “inner ear” or mental tone which are perceived without the aid of the physical ear and beyond the limitations of ordinary time and space. These tones and vibrations are more easily perceived in an alpha state and during meditation, though many clairaudients can obtain verbal and sound-related information regarding the past, present and future in a variety of environments. Most Channelers (also known as Mediums) work with both clairvoyance and clairaudience.


Clairsentience (clear sensation or feeling) – To perceive information by a “feeling” within the whole body, without any outer stimuli related to the feeling or information. (Also see clairempathy)


Clairscent (clear smelling) – To smell a fragrance/odor of substance or food which is not in one’s surroundings. These odors are perceived without the aid of the physical nose and beyond the limitations of ordinary time and space.


Clairtangency (clear touching) — More commonly known as psychometry. To handle an object or touch an area and perceive through the palms of one’s hands information about the article or its owner or history that was not previously known by the clairtangent.


Clairgustance (clear tasting) — To taste a substance without putting anything in one’s mouth. It is claimed that those who possess this ability are able to perceive the essence of a substance from the spiritual or ethereal realms through taste.


Clairempathy (clear emotion) – An Empath is a person who can psychically tune in to the emotional experience of a person, place or animal. Clairempathy is a type of telepathy to sense or feel within one’s self, the attitude, emotion or ailment of another person or entity. Empaths tune into the vibrations and “feel” the tones of the aura.


Channel — A person who allows his/her body and mind to be used as a mechanism for etheric world intelligence to bring psychic information or healing energy to others.

Channeling — To allow an etheric world intelligence to enter one’s mind and impress thoughts upon the consciousness to be spoken aloud, using one’s voice ba

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